We Offer Cool, Interactive Programs.

We provide PreK-12+ workshops and presentations in Earth, Physical, and Life Science.

We provide a fun, interactive Tips and Methods workshop on super simple things we can all do to Leave a Small Footprint.

Soil: The Earth’s Dynamic Skin
Let’s Talk Clouds
Water, Water Everywhere
What Does It Mean When You Go Green?

She will also develop workshops specific to the needs of teachers, schools, parks, rec centers, and other organizations, and work with you to develop the best and most appropriate content. Please contact us for more information.

Sixth-grade math teacher, Constantia Seas, plans a math lesson with student cloud data

These exciting and compelling workshops and presentations can be modified depending on the needs of teachers and students.
For example, the “Let’s Talk Clouds!” presentation can be conducted with elementary grades (K-4) where the materials will be geared towards the cognitive abilities of those students. The workshop can also be modified for retirees, adults, and young adults.

Making clouds in bottles

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