Going Green

What Does It Mean When You Go Green And How Can We Do It?

Become a Small Footprint Fan in this interactive, hands-on workshop where we learn about how each one of us can make a difference by Going Green. Learn about how to recycle, save water, and manage our natural resources. Learn about deforestation, air/soil/water quality, smog, the heat island effect, and conserving our vital natural resources.

Learn about the plant and animal breathing cycle.

plant animal breathing cycle graphic
The plant/animal breathing cycle

Learn the importance of trees on our planet and in our lives.

Aerial view, Georgia
Trees surround developments in Georgia, USA

Use NASA satellite imagery to learn about air quality and then learn how simple actions can dramatically lower pollutants in our air.

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Learn about the urban heat island effect and conduct an experiment to help explain and address the issue.

Students conducting experiment outdoors
Students prepare their samples for the “Temperature of Color” experiment

Learn what you can do in your local community to encourage local businesses, family, and friends to Go Green. Develop a multimedia Go Green Campaign. See sample participant multimedia campaigns below.

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