Why I Do What I Do: A Special Message From The Earth Lady

The Answer is simple and threefold.

I believe every child should be given the opportunity to excel. Each child should be able to learn what some consider to be the toughest subjects in a way that is accessible, effective, and I daresay fun.

I also believe that today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. As such, they should be given every opportunity to make informed decisions as they take on the reins of leadership and as they help tomorrow’s children thrive.

I love science, I love math, and I love the arts. I believe the best way to teach children is an integrated platform where they can be creative as they learn and therefore learn better. If they have fun while they learn, if they can do their learning hands on, they will better grasp and be able to apply tricky science concepts.

If we make these concepts and this knowledge accessible and relevant to the students, they will take it and they will run with it. The sky, the stars, and beyond will be their only limit. And I could not hope for a greater to provide a greater service than that.


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